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We believe in bringing the healing power of HEMP to you.  Hemp Magik is the brainchild of the first legal female extractor in North Carolina.  With all products produced under cGMP compliance  we specialize in high potency, full spectrum CBD hemp sublingual oils, topical hemp products, and hemp pet formulas.  Shop our formulas and experience why we are the best!

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Hemp Magik strives to have the most complete and effective extract possible.  Sourced from raw, organic hemp, our products contain extracts from the whole plant and do not contain cannabinoid (CBD) isolates. Scientific studies have coined the term “Entourage Effect” which references the synergistic relationship between all the cannabinoids (118 known) and terpenes within the plant including the most prevalent, CBD.   We also utilize a proprietary blend of organic plant extracts to increase the bioavailability of our products.

Each batch is tested for purity, potency and high quality prior to creating our products.

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