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Where Science Meets Magik.

Hemp Magik specializes in the purest and highest quality products, utilizing the full potential of the hemp plant.  All of our products feature the most complete and effective extract possible.  Scientific studies have coined the term “Entourage Effect” which references the synergistic relationship between all the cannabinoids and terpenes within the plant.  Our products include the cannabinoids and terpenes, along with a proprietary blend of organic plant extracts to increase the bioavailability of our products.  Try Hemp Magik today and see the quality for yourself!

Our Story

Hemp Magik founder, Melissa Clark, was desperate to find help for her dog, Luna, who was suffering with very severe Grand Mal seizures.

Melissa tried numerous brands of hemp oil, but was never satisfied in her need for a true high quality extract and formulation. She passionately researched what would make hemp extract the most effective.

Unhappy with anything she saw on the market, she decided to create a new company that met her expectations of what cannabinoids from hemp can really do for the health of all beings.

She sought out the highest manufacturing and product purification standards, hired biologists and biochemists, and researched effective methods in a never ending passion in helping her redefine the Magik of Hemp Health.

With Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)-compliant facilities, Melissa is setting standards for the industry. She is currently working with state legislators to push high quality standards for hemp products in North Carolina.

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Hemp Magik’s May Newsletter Hemp Savings and Wholesale News News, Updates, and Educational Resources!     Our First Annual Safety Forum Event April 16th was

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