CBD Course: CBD Hemp Basics – From Seed to Sale

Course info: Exploring the Growing Hemp Industry Through CDB Basics

Continuing Education Course led by Hemp Magik’s Melissa Clark and Andrew Capps.

Class is held on Thursdays starting April 16 from 3-6 pm.

Registration info: https://www.abtech.edu/coned-registration

The Workforce Development/Continuing Education Division at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is offering a popular new class on CBD Hemp basics: From Seed to Sale. Industry experts Melissa Clark and Andrew Capps led the three-week class which covered the basics of growing, producing, processing and sale of CBD products. The popularity of the class has prompted the college to offer it again in the spring.

“A.B Tech strives to be a leader in workforce program Offerings that serve our local industry and community interests. This class reached capacity enrollment with a waiting list,” said Maria Spadaro, Associate Director, Workforce Continuing Education.

Clark is CEO of her own NC-based CBD extraction/sales operation for products branded as Hemp Magik and Lullex Labs. Her passion for optimal health led her into the CBD field of natural products. She is currently working with state legislators to push high quality standards for hemp products in North Carolina. She educates on safety issues and dangers in the hemp market and advocates for legal, safe production channels and standards. Recently, she broadened into becoming a consultant for other manufacturing companies out of the need to have all companies in her production chain conforming to the same standards under FSMA. Lullex Labs and Hemp Magik are on the cutting edge of compliance and research in the hemp and cannabis space. Melissa’s highly qualified team now speaks at educational events and Hemp Magik held the first Hemp Safety Forum on the East Coast with the second annual Hemp Safety Forum coming later this year.

Capps, an FDA regulatory consultant, has a degree in Microbiology from NC State University and several Food and Beverage certifications. He served as Test Kitchen Coordinator and Industry Trainer for Food, Beverage & Natural Products for the NC Community Colleges’ BioNetwork. He trained and worked with FDA and USDA FSIS regulated companies including the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries. He has also previously served as a Quality Assurance Specialist, Microbiology Supervisor, and Chief Microbiologist at the NC Department of Agriculture: Food and Drug Protection Division.

“Anyone Interested in CBD Hemp would benefit from the class. Consumers of CBD and aspiring entrepreneurs interested in growing, manufacturing, and or/ retailing CBD hemp products will gain Insight into the basic considerations of the industry and the science behind CBD,” Capps said.

Students leave with the understanding of the first steps needed to launch a CBD business or partner with an existing business, as well as an understanding of the different types of legal CBD products, current research on health effects, and how to legally steer clear of making health claims.

“The class offered an abundance of information from setting up grow operations to the processing and manufacturing of goods from hemp,” said student Frank Stewart. “This class provided an extraordinary opportunity to learn from industry professionals about the standards and obstacles expected to be met as one starts out in the hemp CBD industry.”

Hemp has been important for industrial uses for thousands of years and was one of the earliest plants cultivated for textile fibers, according to Capps. China has had continuous hemp cultivation for over 6000 years. “Recently, research has proven that many animals, including humans have an endocannabinoid system that provides balance to other body systems.”

The next CDB Hemp Basics: From Seed to Sale class will be On Thursdays starting April 16 from 3 to 6 p.m. on the Tech Asheville Campus.

•For more Information, contact marialspadaro@abtech.edu.

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