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Hemp History is Currently in the Making!


CEO Melissa Clark and our team of scientists went to Raleigh, NC and advocated for safe processing and growing standards in legislation.

After listening to our comments, senators approached our team and requested our input in drafting the updated NC Farm Bill for 2019! We are honored and up to the task!

Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning that it attracts contaminants from the soil and stores them in its roots, stems, stalks, leaves and flowers.

It has been scientifically shown that if contaminated hemp is used to produce products, those products are also contaminated, often at levels much higher than FDA would allow in medicine or food.

If the hemp crop is not tested appropriately and then used to produce health products, those toxins and contaminants can build up and accumulate in the human body and can cause serious health issues.

  • The current NC Farm Bill does not set standards for contaminant testing nor manufacturing.
  • The NC Hemp Association needs input from hemp extractors.
  • Our biomedical science team is advocating for testing and safety standards that will keep consumers safe!
  • You can rest assured that all Hemp Magik products start with hemp that passed strict third party testing to be free of contaminants.
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