This CBD topical is far from your typical!  Like all of our products, it is a Full Spectrum formula which utilizes ALL the cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant, rather than a CBD isolate which is far inferior in effectiveness. While most CBD topicals have around 150mg CBD in a large container, our product has 200-300mg in a small but mighty product. This means 20mg CBD in one tiny milliliter!  Just a couple of drops are very powerful! We also use an alcohol base instead of mineral or other inferior oil bases. Liniments have wisely been used traditionally in Chinese medicine dating back many thousands of years because the alcohol delivers better penetration.

This special formula also contains Chinese herbs and essential oils that help increase the effectiveness of the Hemp extract. Not to be used on open lesions or wounds.

Try a bottle today and thank yourself! The science and Magik is truly strong in this incredibly powerful formulation!