Water Soluble Liposomal Cannabinoid Powder

300mg of cannabinoids per 1 oz bag.

10mg of cannabinoids per gram.

30 portions per bag.

This patent-pending formulation is one of a kind!


This patent-pending, full-spectrum hemp powder is fully soluble in water. It disappears in water and maintains all terpenes and cannabinoids.

The entourage effect is strong with this one! Great for all water-based solutions! Mixes evenly into hot and warm water. Use a small hand blender for cool water uses.

  • Full-spectrum effect of plant-based cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Rich smell of cannabis
  • Liposomal bioavailability

Our liposomal powder is highly bioavailable (able to absorbed by the body), allowing the body to access all the plant-based cannabinoids.

With a water soluble powder, you can customize your cannabinoid routine!

Water soluble liposomal full-spectrum hemp powder is finally available! You can smell and taste the difference!

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